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13-14 MAY 2024
Jointex Como
Coming Soon
Jointex Amsterdam

At the right time and in the right place, well-planned B2B events are becoming more important every day. Their shorter duration compared to traditional trade fairs, invitation of only relevant parties, minimised transport and accommodation costs and almost negligible stand costs make B2B & Matchmaking events more and more trendy.

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We consider sustainability criteria
throughout all stages of our event.

Green Event

A venue surrounded by greenery, away from magnetic fields and radiation.

Accessible Venue

Without using any means of transportation, the venue can be reached with ease from city center within 12 minutes on foot.

Eco-Friendly Marketing

From promotional materials to directional signs, an ECO-FRIENDLY marketing process that includes brochures, posters, and gifts.

More Daylight

Lighting that maximizes the use of natural daylight and, if necessary, uses LED lights.

Recycling Waster

We use biodegradable and reusable products instead of disposable plastics, such as plates, cups, napkins, and bags. We are committed to leaving no trash behind.

Sustainable Catering

We offer natural, organic, unprocessed food and beverage options using the 'Farm to Table' approach.