Our Story

Our umbrella company and brand, BTBGLOBAL, has proven its success in B2B organisations,

marketing activities in many countries around the world and procurement missions for over 15 years.

Many institutions and companies consider us to be the most important player in the industry.

With our communication network in many countries around the world, our collaborative organisations and our constant contact with industry professionals, we have built an impressive network.

The BTB Global team has brought together over 7,000 buyers and sellers in 33 countries, making a significant contribution to their businesses.

With our group companies, Join Turizm (A Group Travel Agency) and Join Digital Advertising Agency, we offer tailor-made, comprehensive event services from A to Z.

At the right time and in the right place, well-planned B2B events are becoming more important every day. Their shorter duration compared to traditional trade fairs, invitation of only relevant parties, minimised transport and accommodation costs and almost negligible stand costs make B2B & Matchmaking events more and more trendy.

Under the motto "The New Generation of Events" we have combined all our experience and network in Jointex Events. We offer business, networking and relaxation all in one.

Our team, which thoroughly analyses the needs of buyers and sellers and sees them as partners, starts preparing our events months in advance. Plans are made down to the smallest detail and every aspect is carefully considered to ensure the satisfaction of our guests.

We are confident that each event will be better than the last.

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