We work diligently and meticulously to meet the demands of nature as well
as the glamour of fashion → in our events.

We consider sustainability criteria
throughout all stages of our event.

Green Event


Sustainable Catering
Recycling Waste


Eco-Friendly Marketing

Event Concept

Our Approach to Green Events

We prefer our venues to be surrounded by greenery, providing a tranquil environment for our guests, as opposed to the usual four walls. Scientific research has shown that the electromagnetic environment and radiation generated by metres of cables and hundreds of light sources can lead to distraction, physical and mental fatigue. Fresh air and nature are the best decor!

Eco-friendly marketing practices

We strive to digitise our event promotions, invitations, on-site guides and correspondence as much as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise the use of recycled products. We avoid choosing promotional items that end up in landfill. Quality time together is the most precious gift!

Waste reduction and recycling

During and after our events, we meticulously sort and separate our waste to ensure we leave no non-recyclable waste behind. Our first priority is to use biodegradable or recyclable products at every stage.

Accessible and sustainable venues

Choosing venues that are easily accessible to our visitors is of paramount importance. Achieving the lowest fuel consumption and healthiest travel route is one of our primary objectives. We plan to promote public transport, cycling and walking. Reducing carbon emissions is vital for our future.

More daylight

Benefiting from the naturalness and positive effects of natural daylight on individuals is an important step for all of us. We choose to create environments with more natural daylight, thus ensuring energy savings. Where additional lighting is required, we always use LED lighting.

Sustainable catering choices

When it comes to catering at our events, our first priority is natural and healthy food. From farm to table, we offer organic snacks, fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, plenty of water, non-acidic and package-free drinks and unprocessed snacks. We also serve locally sourced products as much as possible, which helps to save money, even if it's minimal.